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Assorted Four Pack Face Coverings

$30.00 $35.00


  • We're offering an assorted 4 pack of face coverings that can incorporated into your daily wardrobe. 

  • All of our face coverings have a cotton inner layer.  And the outer layer may be cotton, jersey and or linen.

  • They're made with 1/4 elastic loops, that fit comfortable behind the ears.

  • We recommend that you wash all face coverings before the initial use and each time after wearing.  
  1. Red Jersey
  2. Black Jersey
  3. Kelly Green Jersey
  4. Burgundy Jersey
  5. Navy Jersey
  6. Dark Brown Jersey
  7. Off White Linen
  8. Sage Linen 
  9. Periwinkle & White Jersey
  10. Kelly Green & White Jersey
  11. Navy & White Dot Jersey
  12. Blue Tie Dye Jersey
  13. Pink Cotton
  14. Neon Green Jersey


*Colors may appear to be slighty lighter or darker than the actual item 

Please list your four face coverings by number

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