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The B Sporty Wardrobe Capsule is now available and perfect to work out in, perfect to travel in and perfect to simply sit & chill.

I think we can all agree that some level of physical fitness is good for our overall health. But what we wear can some times be a challenge. But no worries because we got you covered.

If you've been following me on IG, not only have I been sharing a little of my fitness regimen. I've also been talking about some of the items I've purchased off of Amazon and how it's working for me. And so I decided to link ASICS Women's sneakers which is a personal favorite of mine; offering very good arch support. As well as the Darevie Cycling Gloves; they feel great when bike riding and provides really good support for my wrist. Try it you may like it.

Disclaimer (I'm not a fitness professional) but I am a woman who understands the importance of a happy healthy lifestyle.

Looking good & feeling good is synonymous!


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